Automated SBOM Compliance

Interlynk automates your SBOM compliance without compromising privacy or control.

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Easy SBOM Compliance

Interlynk builds, collects, signs, and maintains SBOM directly from the source repositories and keeps them in flexible formats eliminating the need to be concerned about multiple integration points, SBOM specifications, file formats, or compatibilities across versions. Interlynk makes meeting SBOM compliance as simple as sharing a private and secure SBOM link.

Easy SBOM Compliance
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Exact SBOM Compliance

Interlynk has built-in controls for automating intellectual property protection and privacy redactions in SBOM while preserving the underlying compliance requirements. These controls ensure that the generated SBOM can be used for the intended purposes only and transparency in the software supply chain does not become a concern of sensitive information.

Precise SBOM Monitoring

Continuous SBOM Monitoring

Interlynk continuously tracks the vulnerability and exploitability of public and private components in any SBOM to give you an accurate view of your compliance needs and security risks associated with the compliance obligations. Interlynk also tracks all external access to your SBOM data to ensure SBOM only serves the intended purpose.

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Secure SBOM Monitoring