SBOM Compliance as a Shareable Link

Wrap SBOM building, intellectual privacy protection, risk assessment, and vulnerability monitoring in a simple, shareable link.

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Automated SBOM Compliance

SBOM Link builds, collects, signs, and maintains SBOM as soon as a product release is created. SBOM Link creates a secure and private hyper link that can be automatically deliverable to trusted partners and customers. This makes meeting SBOM compliance achievable in real-time with zero intervention.

Easy SBOM Compliance

Privacy and Control

SBOM Link provides complete and granular control over the data included in the SBOM, the approval chain required to share the SBOM, the access log to the SBOM Link, and a complete audit trail of the SBOM compliance activities per partner.

Precise SBOM Monitoring

Actionable Risk Score

SBOM Link continuously scores SBOM components for known open-source vulnerabilities, common open-source risks such as archived and unmaintained components, and available remedies to such risks. This actionable report can help beat your compliance goal even before the receiver starts with the SBOM review.

Secure SBOM Monitoring