SBOM Monitor

Continuous SBOM Evaluation and Risk Monitoring

Evaluate SBOM for known risk indicators in licenses, vulnerable components, and open-source supply chain tampering; and enable monitoring for changes in future versions of the components and zero-day vulnerabilities.

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Deep Risk Assessment

SBOM Monitor assesses SBOM for detailed information about licenses, components, vulnerabilities, and open source risks (such as unmaintained or end-of-life components) wrapped in a customizable quantifiable score.

Easy SBOM Compliance

Continuous Monitoring

Enable SBOM Monitoring on an SBOM to get notified of Zero-day vulnerabilities or open-source supply chain attacks on its components.

Precise SBOM Monitoring

Track Changes

SBOM Monitoring can track changes across multiple product versions and prepare reports focused only on the changes eliminating the need to rescan and re-evaluate previous findings.

Secure SBOM Monitoring